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Just wanted to share my positive money saving experience with Leo @ AUL I had my engine light come on, and figured our local shop that handles emissions testing for our state would be reputable for the repair.After 2 days of my car sitting in the shop and finally a $1,000 quote on a new solenoid and some accompanying parts I asked to use my AUL Warranty for help paying for the repair. After talking with the shop owner, Leo (AUL Associate) contacted me and made a judgment call on the quote & repair suggested. She said she'd assist in moving my vehicle to another facility, and I decided to use another mechanic. After observing the computer code, my mechanic said it was a simple $250 Sensor and the car would pass emissions without a problem and the car should run like new. I paid cash and saved over $750 and having to use the warranty for the Sensor towards my allotted repair amount given by AUL My wife and I are VERY happy with the service given by AUL, and the level of service from beginning to end has been seamless. I would recommend buying an Extended Warranty for any used car. They save money and bottom line, keep me on the road without having to dish out loads of cash to repair Facilities. Thank you for your expertise and service Leo! My wife is shopping a new warranty for her car and I thought of AUL 1st..
Glen Landgren
Plantsville, Connecticut
AUL has been such a wonderful company to have an extended vehicle warranty with. The timely dispatching of adjusters to review claims, is exceptional. I never had an issue or a denied claim, from my previous policy of a 2007 Acura RL. AUL was the first company that came to mind when I purchased my newer vehicle, and needed and extended warranty. I would not have contacted any other place.
Shannon Denise

A Rated Carrier / Insurance

Our dealers and customers want to know that their service contract program will be there for them when they need it. In fact, of all the things we do for your customers, the most important is to ensure that their claims are paid promptly and reliably. AUL has an impeccable track record of providing customers peace of mind since 1990. In addition, we have put in place a “horizontally integrated structure” to ensure our dealers and customers are protected.

AUL files federally as an insurance company and is obligor on service contracts in most states we do business in. Additionally, all AUL service contracts are backed by a contractual liability insurance policy (CLIP) issued by an “A” rated carrier with over $32 billion in assets. This means that our dealers and customers are protected by having a direct route to both the administrator and insurance company.

A-Rated Carrier for Insurance