AUL Online Claims AUL Online Claims
Vaden has been doing business with AUL for years. Their claims department and level of service to the dealer is second to none.
West Beaver
Vaden Automotive Group
I love working with AUL Service Contracts and their support staff. They are just nice people. We get paid on time with no hassles.
Polar Chevrolet


We don't just claim to offer great service, we back it up with some of the most impressive service statistics in the entire industry. It begins with an immediate response to your call and continues through every step of the claims process, from start to finish.

When you ask our customers and agents what differentiates AUL in the marketplace, one of the most common responses is the AUL claims service. Unlike many in our industry, AUL seeks to find solutions to problems and common ground to pay claims, not technicalities to decline them. We view our dealers and repair facilities as partners in the process to create lasting relationships and get our contract holders back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Our claims adjuster team is made up of experienced professionals, many of whom are ASE Certified and factory trained. Additionally, we provide customized training for our team and a proprietary claims system to enhance speed and performance. We strive to proved fast, accurate and reliable service.

Quickly and responsively handling a high call volume is just the beginning. Our team has the expertise and specialized knowledge to handle even the most complex claims, as well as the proprietary software system designed specifically for adjudicating claims.

The result? Fast, accurate, reliable service, with most claims paid within two hours by credit card. It's just one more way we help to drive customer satisfaction.