AUL Online Claims AUL Online Claims
Vaden has been doing business with AUL for years. Their claims department and level of service to the dealer is second to none.
West Beaver
Vaden Automotive Group
I love working with AUL Service Contracts and their support staff. They are just nice people. We get paid on time with no hassles.
Polar Chevrolet

Taking Care of You and Your Customers

Like you, we understand that taking care of customers is the most important thing we do.

AUL consistently outperforms the competition, from making sure a live sales representative handles every call to offering a wide range of plans. 

By partnering with a provider who takes care of your customers, you can drive your bottom line with increased sales and better profits, as well as provide your buyers with the security of an extended service contract. That’s why so many leading dealers across the country consider AUL the key to increased profitability.