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I am writing to say how much your company means to me, the great & excellent service that I have received from a breakdown of my 08 Saturn Outlook needs to be heralded to the USA, in these times of troubled warranties & services from different companies who take your money & do nothing, yours stand alone. Thank you for being a top notch company, and thank you for being there for the little man, who needs the backup you give. Everyone needs one of your contracts!
James B.
AUL Contract Holder
Thank you! I never thought I would need to use my extended warranty...but when I did it was well worth the price! No hassle or haggle, my transmission was replaced and even had a rental while my car was in the shop!
Myra C.
Just wanted to say Thank You! We purchased the warranty when we purchased a used Altima for our 17 year old daughter. Last week we heard a sound and scheduled an appt. at our local dealer. She took the car in today at 8 and by 2 the car was repaired. I was dreading the hassle of dealing with a warranty company, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out, there would be no hassle at all. Preparing for graduation and college 3 hours get it. Thank you!
J Basden

Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance Guidelines

The service contract holder must have the covered vehicle serviced according to the service and maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual published by the manufacturer of the covered vehicle.

The service contract holder must keep all maintenance records from the date of original delivery supported by receipts indicating date, time, mileage, and service performed—and these records must be available to the administrator and/or the selling dealer upon request. Proof of maintenance will be required for certain repairs under this Vehicle Service Contract. Failure to provide proof of required maintenance may result in denial of coverage. Failure to properly maintain your covered vehicle in accordance with your owner’s manual will result in denial of coverage.

How To Obtain Repairs

Prevent further damage: Take immediate action to prevent further damage to your covered vehicle. Any damage resulting from continued operation of an impaired vehicle will constitute failure to protect the covered vehicle and will not be covered under this Vehicle Service Contract.

Return your covered vehicle to the selling dealer: If your covered vehicle is within sixty (60) miles of the selling dealer, you must deliver the covered vehicle to the selling dealer at the address shown on the Declaration Page of the Vehicle Service Contract.

Call the administrator for instructions at 1-888-285-2567: If your covered vehicle is more than sixty (60) miles from the selling dealer, call the administrator for instructions before you deliver your covered vehicle to any repair facility other than the selling dealer. To ensure coverage under the terms of this Vehicle Service Contract, authorization must be obtained prior to teardown or repair if performed by any other repair facility. You are responsible for authorizing inspection or teardown of your covered vehicle by the repair facility to determine the cause of failure. If the failure is not covered under this Vehicle Service Contract, you will be responsible for these costs. The administrator and the selling dealer reserve the right to inspect your covered vehicle prior to any repair being made.

Emergency repairs: If emergency repairs covered by this Vehicle Service Contract are required outside the administrator’s or selling dealer’s business hours, the service contract holder should deliver the covered vehicle to a licensed repair facility and have the necessary repairs performed at a reasonable and customary charge. On the next business day, the service contract holder should report the repairs to the administrator. To report an emergency repair and obtain a reimbursement, please call 1-888-285-2567 for instructions. Emergency repairs are only those repairs, which, if not performed, would render your covered vehicle inoperable or unsafe to drive and impair its future operation.

Renew or Transfer a Contract

This Vehicle Service Contract may be transferred one time to a new owner during the Vehicle Service Contract term. This Vehicle Service Contract may not be assigned separately from the motor vehicle, nor can it be assigned or transferred to a new or used car dealer or anyone other than the individual who is purchasing the motor vehicle for personal use. A transfer fee of $50 will be charged. The new owner must supply the Administrator/Provider with his/her name, address, telephone number, current vehicle mileage on motor vehicle and a copy of the bill of sale to validate the transfer. The Administrator / Provider must be notified within thirty (30) days of the date of sale of the motor vehicle for the transfer to the new owner to be effective. This Vehicle Service Contract is not transferable from vehicle to vehicle. This Vehicle Service Contract is renewable. Renewal is subject to underwriting guidelines at the time of renewal. Proof of maintenance and a vehicle inspection may be required prior to renewal. Renewal rates may be different from the original price. In order to facilitate renewal, if you choose to renew, the Administrator/Provider may share certain nonpublic personal information with another company. That company, however, will use this information only for its intended purpose and will not share it with any third parties.